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TradePlatform.MT4.SDK Solution

MT4 SDK can be considered starting point for develop Expert, Indicators or Scripts or develop custom application with TradePlatform.NET and get
advantages from communication with MetaTrader. It has some examples of any type of handler and few sample demonstrating integration approach with
your custom application. TradePlatform.MT4.SDK.Shell is also default host for .NET Bridge. Given examples are in C# and located under 'Source Code'.

MT4 SDK includes following examples:
  • Mechanical trading system based on moving averages.
  • Custom indicator showing previous day highest and lowest price.
  • Script that imports order and account information to SQL database using Entity Framework.
  • Script that sends email by using .NET classes.
  • Script that runs UnitTests classes for MQL functions.
  • Script that runs smoke test.
  • Custom MQL call handler which meant to count tick execution time.
  • UnitTests for all implemented MQL Functions.
  • .NET Shell console application as default host for .NET Brdige.
  • Sample .NET Bridge configuration file.
  • Sources of MQL API functions
  • Sample Windows Forms application which demonstrates UI application integration scenario

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