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When you attach Expert_NET, Indicator_NET or Script_NET to chart you have to set up a few configuration parameters:

Parameter Name Default Value Description
System_NET_ApplicationName Default This parameter points which .NET ExpertAdvisor should be run for particular expert instance. should be one of configured as 'applicationName' argument in your Gateway Configuration file.
System_NET_Server This parameter defines .NET Gateway IP address. Default assumes that one runs on same machine. When working with external network scenarios consider security aspect. Communication is not encrypted!
System_NET_Port 2007 Parameter defines port number of .NET Gateway used for particular expert instance. You can use different ports for a number of simultaneously run .NET Gateways.
System_NET_Discriminator   Parameter defines unique key for communication with .NET Gateway. You can use same discriminator value for a number of experts to use same instance of .NET ExpertAdvisor. Default is empty which means that key will be unique for particular expert instance. Thread safety of .NET ExpertAdvisor execution is guaranteed which any parameter value.

Also you have to enable "DLL import" and allow "Live Trading" for MQL Expert.

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