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Unable to get tick event to fire

Jan 30, 2013 at 10:27 AM

Hello all,

I have downloaded the TradePlatform .NET 2.0 and the source and I cannot get either to work on Windows 8. It seems to be getting data but QuoteReceived to fire on a tick.

I have installed the expert adviser and configured the app.config.

When I start the program I get an email stating "Expert initialized" and in the trace window I can see activity (don't get too excited by my demo account number :P )

30/01/2013 9:17:21 PM @ > : Connection opened 30/01/2013 9:17:21 PM @ > :  --> 326719EURUSDTickCounter|TickCounter|Begin|name 30/01/2013 9:17:21 PM @ > :  <-- | 30/01/2013 9:17:21 PM @ > : Method execution time: 2.0001 ms. 30/01/2013 9:17:21 PM @ > : Connection closed

On the sample program included in the source code (SDK.WIN), the window just says BUY at ASK and SELL at BID.

I'm not really sure where the entry points of these are to trace this myself, is there any source to Tradeplatform.MT4.Core.dll and TradePlatform.MT4.Data.dll?

Can anybody help in getting this program to work?