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Nov 5, 2013 at 11:26 AM
Edited Nov 14, 2013 at 8:31 AM
I just downloaded the installation zips, and am trying to install on my Windows8 computer...
but cannot make any sense of the instructions, as the instructions pertain to a previous version.

Here are the instructions as were presented when I tried to get this going...
My discoveries are shown in bold.

To install TradePlatform.NET follow these instructions:
Download zip package from this site.
Unzip 'Shell' directory to desired location. For ex. C:\Gateway\
Substitute 'Console' for Shell.
Unzip 'Terminal' directory directly to your MetaTrader's directory.
Run Shell.exe. (in order to use logging and WCF endpoint, should be run as administrator)
Run TradePlatform.MT4.Demo.Console.exe (run as administrator). You should see the Console window - Quote Listener cycling connection.
Run or Restart MetaTrader.
Attach Expert_NET expert advisor, Indicator_NET custom indicator or Script_NET script to desired chart. Allow "DLL import" and enable "Live Trading" for expert.
The Expert Advisor attaches ok, and all seems normal. I could not get the script to work. The indicator attached, but did not display anything.
Set System_NET_HandlerName parameter. Name must be one those are Shell.exe.config file. ex SmokeTestScript
In .NET Shell console you will see execution results.
I have yet to figure out what this means.

Will report more as I understand more.