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Definitions used in documentation

  • TradePlatform.NET - Set of tools, applications, scripts and samples which provides communication between MetaTrader and .NET world.
  • .NET Bridge - Component of TradePlatform.NET which in charge for communication between MetaTrader and .NET code. Can be hosted in custom application, Console, WPF, Windows Service and other types of .NET applications. .NET Bridge can handle several number of hosts and also has WCF endpoints.
  • .NET Shell - Console application which is part of MT4 SDK. Meant as default .NET Bridge host application with tracing output.
  • Download Package - Zip package of additionals for MetaTrader and .NET Shell application files. Latest version can be downloaded from this site.
  • MQL Expert - Any sort of MetaTrader's executable script (Expert advisor, Custom Indicator or Script).
  • .NET ExpertAdvisor - .NET abstraction custom implementation which can be called by MQL Expert.
  • MT4 SDK - .NET library which provides access to MQL functions and base class abstractions for custom implementations. Also includes MQL API and .NET Shell application sources and other samples. Placed under source control.
  • MQL API - .NET functions which presents MQL functions for .NET ExpertAdvisors or custom applications.
  • .NET API - MQL side functions which provides access to .NET ExpertAdvisor's functions.
  • Bridge Configuration - .NET configuration sections which describes hosts and available handlers for each.
  • MQL Handler - base abstraction of any handler used by hosts in .NET Bridge. .NET Expert Advisor is actually inherits one.
  • TradePlatform Data Model - Entity Framework model for trading data. Can be used to store and retrieve data from set of accounts.
  • TradePlatform Data Service - WCF Data Service created around TradePlatform Data Model. Introduces oData API for custom applications.

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